State inspector general urges Boston to seek better deal from Red Sox in 2013; Boston City Council plans to hold a hearing

Reacting to a report by the Initiative for Investigative Reporting, the state inspector general is demanding a better financial arrangement between the city of Boston and the Red Sox for game-day rights to Yawkey Way and Van Ness Street, and for the air rights over the Green Monster seats, The Boston Globe reports.

The sweetheart deal that put about $45 million in revenue in the Sox coffers in exchange for an average of $186,000 a year in lease fees to the city caught the attention of Inspector General Gregory W. Sullivan after The Initiative for Investigative Reporting published a story on the agreement last November.

Sullivan urged city officials to determine how much money the Red Sox have made using public property since 2003, when the team signed a relatively low-cost lease for the streets. The city should negotiate a better deal, he wrote.

“Yawkey Way and Lansdowne Street are public property,’’ Sullivan said yesterday in an e-mail to the Globe. “The public should receive fair market value for the use of its property.’’

The current arrangement is up for renegotiation after the 2013 baseball season. The Boston City Council will hold a public hearing on the lease between the city and the Red Sox this Wednesday (February 29, 2012).

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