Freedom of Information Tools


Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Browse the media legal guide for open meetings and freedom of information laws in your state, or nationwide. Explore the site further for a FOIA letter generator, the latest news related to FOI and other media law topics.

MuckRock will file and track Freedom of Information requests on the national level and for 11 states (and counting). An account is required (free to join) and a fee is now charged for their services.

New England First Amendment Center
Find information on the region’s public records and open meeting laws, organized by state.

The National Archives Records Management Information
View retention schedules for documents, see what documents exist and find federal agency records officers (includes contact information).

By State


Public Records Administration
This site provides links on information regard the state and municipal records management programs, including retention schedules.

Freedom of Information
Public records and FOIA information, including a citizen’s guide and relevant court cases; the state’s Freedom of Information Commission provides this information for the public.


State Agency Record Managers: General Schedules
General retention schedules for the state’s agencies.

Statutory Exceptions to Maine’s Freedom of Access Laws
Searchable database of exceptions to the state’s public records law. 

Access to Public Information
Here you will find information on public records and the Freedom of Information Act, as well as a list of the top 10 online services, including a database to look up elected officials; the Secretary of State maintains this information.


Records Management Unit
State agency retention schedule, contact information, forms and municipal records retention manual

Public Records Division
Information on the state’s right-to-know laws, and on how to access public records. The Secretary of the Commonwealth manages this database.

New Hampshire

Records Management Program (PDF)
Retention schedule, disposal of records, transfer of records to archives and other related topics (not searchable)

Right-to-Know Law
View information on obtaining public records and on the state’s freedom of information law. This site also includes a citizen’s guide and relevant court opinions. The New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning manages this information.

Rhode Island

State Archives
View information on public records administration by state agency and at the local level.

Accessing Public Information
Rhode Island’s public information site includes links to databases for lobbyists and information on open meetings and open government. The Office of the Secretary of State manages this information.


Record Schedules
View information on the state’s management of and access to records and the schedules for retention. 

Right-to-Know Database
Resource tool for locating and identifying laws that affect access to Vermont public records. The Vermont Secretary of State manages this information.

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