Nationwide – Environmental Health & Energy

How does your community’s air compare to other U.S. cities? Find data on whether the air quality has improved or declined, and what time of year has the best air quality. The information in this database comes from the Air Quality System Data Mart, which is maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Chemical Spills & Accidents Database
Contains data on toxic chemical spills and other accidents reported to the National Response Center. Data available for the years 1982-2008. OMBWatch manages this database.

Cleanups in My Community 
The Environmental Protection Agency has created a database to map and list areas where pollution is being or has been cleaned up around the United States. Included are sites, facilities and properties under EPA’s Superfund, RCRA and Brownfields cleanup programs. You can also view cleanup information from tribal lands and water monitoring stations.

Discharge Monitoring Data (EPA) 
Use this database to find for information on pollutants in the nation’s watersheds. You can search by zip code, EPA region, pollutant or industry (discharger), among other parameters. The Environmental Protection Agency maintains this database. Latest information available is from 2007.

Hazardous Materials Incident Report Database ($)
The HAZMAT database contains the incident reports of unintentional releases of hazardous materials for all modes of transportation (air, highway, railway, and water). This database is managed by Investigative Reporters & Editors.

Hazardous Waste Database
Search data on the generation, shipment, and receipt of hazardous waste by state. This database is managed by OMBWatch.

Hazardous Waste -Violations & Permits Database
Search data on hazardous waste handler permits and activities. This database is managed by OMBWatch.

HazMat Facilities Database
Search for information on facilities that  that use large amounts of extremely hazardous substances (number of facilities by state). This database is managed by OMBWatch.

Invasive Plant Atlas of New England
A comprehensive Web-accessible database of invasive and potentially invasive plants in New England that will be continually updated by a network of professionals and trained volunteers. An important focus of the project is the early detection of, and rapid response to, new invasions. The Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut maintains this database.

National Emissions Inventory
This inventory, hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency, provides a comprehensive estimate of air emissions from all sources. The NEI is compiled every three years; the most recent is from 2008.

Residential Energy Consumption Survey
View data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration on energy consumption. Information is broken down by a number of characteristics, including appliances, computers, fuels used and air conditioning.

Toxics Release Inventory
Search by state the releases and transfers of toxic chemicals from facilities in certain industrial sectors, including manufacturing, waste handling, mining, and electricity generation. The database also includes the total amount of toxic chemicals in waste a facility produces. This database is maintained by OMBWatch.

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