Non-profit search, trademarks, small business loans and more

Migration, racial and ethnic data, among others, by community and state

Compare states’ outcomes data, educational progress and more

Environmental Health & Energy
Toxic release reports, hazmat incidents, chemical spills and more

Find People & Businesses
Find information on people or businesses from a range of search engines; some require a fee

Freedom of Information Resources
Find resources for Freedom of Information requests at the federal and regional (New England) level 

Databases on health care costs, medical device records and more

Housing, Homeownership & Development
Search for data on mortgage loans, foreclosures and more

Labor & the Workplace
Workplace safety, agriculture statistics, unemployment insurance tracker and more

Golf  habits, CIA World Factbook, powerful search engines, domain name owner searches and more

Politics & Government Transparency
Congressional salaries, earmarks, campaign contributions and more

Public Safety, the Military & the Legal System
Federal inmate locator, offender custody status, campus crimes and more

Recovery Act & Stimulus Data
Bailout recipients, stimulus funding and more

FAA registry, truck, car and boat accident databases and more

Vital & Public Records Search
Search for birth, death and other vital and public records; some are fee-based

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