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The databases in this section are for state and national only. To view our local databases, organized by state, visit here.

What’s the bankruptcy rate in your city or state? What’s the status of a health professional’s license? When was that company incorporated? Is your state a leader in innovation? View data on small business loans, non-profit organizations, patents and more.

How many people in your community commute to work by car? Are marriage rates dropping? What percentage of people in your county are receiving food assistance? Is your community gaining or losing wealth?

Enrollment data, graduation rates, standardized testing results, outcomes data and more. View educational data by school or district or compare to other states and national averages. How does your community’s school measure up?

Environment & Energy
How much hazardous waste does your state generate? What is the state of your community’s drinking water? How do energy prices compare in your state?

Freedom of Information Tools
Online retention schedules, FOI request templates and federal and state law resources

Government Transparency & Politics
What’s the net worth of your state representatives? Who is giving money to whom for local and state elections? Is there pork in that bill from your state’s senator? What are the lobbyists up to?

Environmental health hazards, hospital discharge data, behavioral risk factors, health care costs, medical device failures and more

Housing & Development
Search property values, building permits, vacancy rates, mortgage loans, foreclosure rates and more.

Labor & the Workplace
Unemployment and insurance tracker, agricultural statistics, workplace safety, wage statistics, green job employment projections and other workforce indicators.

(Golf  habits, CIA World Factbook, powerful search engines, domain name owner searches and more)

Public Safety, the Military & the Legal System
Are crime rates going up in your community? What’s the recidivism rate? Search the federal inmate locator, court records, attorney disciplinary actions, the sex offender registry and reports on adult and juvenile offender, among other related topics.

Where are the highway trouble spots in your state? Are boating accidents an issue in your community? Interested to see whether someone owns a boat or a plane? View crash statistics, the FAA registry, boat registration records and other transportation-related reports.

People Searches & Public & Vital Records
Search for people, birth and death records, marriage and divorce records, past and current employment and other records. Basic information is typically free; premium services charge a per document or monthly subscription fee. Also included are social media search tools.

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