Even retired, Cambridge city manager would reap extraordinary rewards

The retirement package for Robert W. Healy, Cambridge city manager, could cost the city more than $5 million.

By Walter V. Robinson and Jesse Nankin

After 30 years as Cambridge city manager, Robert W. Healy Jr. is the envy of his peers for his fiscal management of a city that has Wall Street’s highest bond rating and property taxes that have been held well below what the city is entitled to collect.

Other city managers might also covet Healy’s compensation, which eclipses what any of them could imagine: $336,317 in 2010. That is double what the highest paid municipal managers in the state make.

Soon, however, Healy’s deal will get even better, thanks to lavish but largely unnoticed provisions in successive contracts he negotiated with the Cambridge City Council that will boost the city’s total cost of his retirement by at least $1 million – to $5 million or more.

Among the most expensive benefits: lifetime nursing home care insurance, not just for Healy, but also for his wife, Jacquelyn. And a pension of more than a quarter million dollars a year – the state’s largest.

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Compare! View the contract of Worcester City Manager, Michael V. O’Brien.

Marc Levy and Chelsea Reil also contributed to this report.

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