About Us


The Initiative’s core mission is to use the Northeastern University classroom as an investigative reporting laboratory to produce important watchdog stories for the Boston Globe. Since 2007, the investigative reporting projects of Northeastern students have appeared on the Globe’s front page 26 times.

In addition, the Initiative has helped foster in-depth reporting initiatives at several news organizations in the region.

  • First, we created partnerships with community news organizations to assist them in watchdog and investigative reporting to help excavate the truth behind important issues and hold public and non-profit agencies and their leaders accountable.
  • Second, we have placed reporters and editors across New England within a mouse click of hundreds of databases that can help overcome reporting hurdles and add depth and context to breaking news stories.
  • Third, we have developed a destination website for reporters: We post the best reporting in the region, produce┬ápodcasts about reporting techniques and co-sponsor annual Investigative Reporting and Public Access workshops with the New England First Amendment Coalition.

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