Columbia Journalism Review profiles Watchdog New England

Columbia Journalism Review has listed Watchdog New England in its News Frontier Database, a searchable compilation of digital news outlets from around the nation that produce original content. We’ve included a teaser below, and you can read the full profile here.

Watchdog New England, the website of the nonprofit Initiative for Investigative Reporting at Northeastern University, aims to revive and strengthen investigative reporting throughout New England’s six states—not as a news outlet in its own right, but as an ally to the region’s more than eighty daily newspapers and countless weeklies. For now, the site primarily exists as a compendium of links to databases, informational documents, and other online resources that inspire and fuel in-depth, hard-hitting reporting. Eventually, the site hopes to produce investigative stories in-house and syndicate them to news organizations throughout New England. Though the initiative is still in its budding stages, New England journalists will be happy to know that two of the veteran reporters behind the website are no strangers to in-depth investigations—nor the Pulitzer Prize.