Lab Tools

Major equipment in our lab:

- Fluorescence microscope with wide-field illumination (Olympus IX71, multi-color laser excitation, em-CCD detection)

- Patch-clamp systems for ion-current measurements through nanoporous membranes (Axopatch 200B’s, temperature-controlled measurement cells)

- Fast-scanning AFM system (Bruker FastScan and Dimension Icon modules)

- Reactive ion etch system with fluorine and oxygen chemistry (Technics micro-RIE 800)

- Atomic-layer deposition system for conformal thin-film deposition (Arradiance Gemstar)

- UV-vis spectrophotometer with multi-cell temperature control (Varian Cary 100)

- Ellipsometer (Rudolph Research AutoEL III)

- Dynamic and static contact angle meter (home built)

- Mask aligner and full photolithography unit (home built)

On-campus facilities that we use:

- JEOL 2010F transmission electron microscope with ultrascan 2k x 2k CCD (due soon…)

- Electron beam lithography system (Zeiss Supra 25 with NABITY system)

- Kostas facility for micro/nano-fabrication (photolithography, thermal oxidation, metal deposition)