Current! Physics 1147 – Physics for Life Sciences 2 (Sept 2013 – Dec 2013)

Covers heat, electricity, vibrations and waves, sound, geometrical optics, and nuclear physics and radioactivity. The application of physics to a variety of problems in the life and health sciences is emphasized. Vibrations and waves topics include simple harmonic motion and wave motion. Sound topics include wave characteristics, the ear, Doppler effect, shock waves, and ultrasound. Electricity topics include electrostatics, capacitance, resistivity, direct-current circuits, and RC circuits. Optics topics include reflection, mirrors, refraction, total internal reflection, fiber optics, lenses, the eye, telescopes, and microscopes. Nuclear physics and radioactivity topics include atomic nucleus, radioactivity, half-life, radioactive dating, detectors, nuclear reaction, fission, fusion, radiation damage, radiation therapy, PET, and MRI. A laboratory is included. Prereq. PHYS 1145. Coreq. PHYS 1148. Download syllabus here.

Days: M, W, Thu, 1:35 pm (Churchill Hall 101).

OFFICE HOURS: Mondays, 3-6 PM (Dana 202).

Textbook:  PHYSICS Principles with Applications, 6th Edition, Giancoli


Physics 4621 – Biological Physics (Jan 2013 – Apr 2013)

This course underlines the basic principles of physics as they apply to the study of Biological systems at the molecular and cellular levels. From diffusion to membrane dynamics to molecular and cellular mechanics, physicists use various methods to understand how various sources of energy are used to perform function. The course is designed as an exploration of various physical rules that govern life at all scales, beginning with a discussion of various physical models and theories, and progressing with a survey of cutting-edge techniques that have been developed over the past few decades.

Mandatory textbook/s: Physical Biology of the Cell (PBoC), Rob Philips et al. (2nd Edition).

Optional Book: Random Walks in Biology, Howard Berg.

Days: M, W, Thu, 1:35 pm (Richards Hall 140).

OFFICE HOURS: Thursdays, 3-6 PM (Dana 202). 


Physics 7210 – Graduate Journal Club (Jan 2012 – April 2012)

Offers a weekly seminar to introduce first- and second-year physics graduate students to research being done in the Physics department by advanced physics graduate students and faculty. See talk schedule here.


Physics 1145 – Physics for Life Sciences 1 (Sept 2011 – Dec 2011)

Covers mechanics, fluids, and temperature and kinetic theory. The application of physics to a variety of problems in the life and health sciences is emphasized. Mechanics topics include one-dimensional motion, forces, vectors, Newton’s laws, equilibrium, work, energy, and power. Fluids topics include density, pressure, buoyancy, fluids in motion, viscosity, and surface tension. Temperature and kinetic theory topics include temperature, thermal equilibrium, gas laws, ideal gas law, kinetic theory, vapor pressure, and diffusion. A laboratory is included. Coreq. PHYS 1146.

Days: M, W, Thu, 1:35 pm (Churchill Hall 101).

OFFICE HOURS: Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9-10AM. and Wednesday at 5PM (Dana 202).