About Us

UTSAV Mission Statement:

UTSAV, named for the Sanskrit word meaning “Festival”, was started in 1991 by a handful of South Asian students. Now in its 30th year, UTSAV has grown into a large community of over 250 South Asian and South Asian American students, and continues to strive to provide them with a sense of belonging, along with supplying fun, unique, and thoughtful opportunities for all Northeastern students to learn about South Asian heritage and identity.

We represent students from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Although we represent these six countries, we encourage those of any background to engage with us to navigate South Asian culture, tradition, and context.

We are also members of Northeastern’s Pan-Asian American Council, as well as the EMPOWER network for students of color on campus.

We hope you join our community, attend our events, perform in our shows, and come share your stories with us!

Annual Events:

Dhol Baaje is our annual garba event – a fun cultural dance event we hold in the fall in honor of the Hindu holiday Navratri, where students can dress up, get together, and celebrate by dancing to traditional Garba, Raas, and Bollywood music.

Our catered dinner in honor of Diwali & Eid allows students the opportunity to learn about how members of different religions and backgrounds observe these festivals during this time, along with the historical and cultural context behind them, while enjoying a delicious South Asian dinner.

Nataraj is our annual culture show for the past 26 years, with this past year’s including 200+ students performing in front of a sold-out Blackman Auditorium. Our general body members display their talents through performances of dance, song, and skit. Performers practice for months together and present their hard work in a fun, festive, and exciting final showcase!

South Asian Week is dedicated to give the Northeastern community the opportunity to learn more about South Asian culture through various speakers, workshops, and friendly competitions. Each year the events vary to target the cultural, political, social, and emotional aspects of the South Asian experience.

Holi is the annual celebration of the festival of color. Students come together in the spring and throw colorful powder to celebrate the harvest season and have one last celebration for the semester!

Chai & Chat is UTSAV’s discussion series, designed to facilitate thoughtful discussion to help provide spaces for dialogue, context for individual experience, and opportunities for people to learn, within the Northeastern South Asian and South Asian American community about the issues that affect our experience.