As non-traditional students, veterans are not like the typical 18 year old freshmen. 

Having already lived away from home for years, student veterans can feel alienated and isolated in coming back to school.  The Student Veterans Organization is a student run organization that acts as advocates for the greater veteran community, plans events and programs, and provides career service information.

In the Student Veterans Organization, veterans don’t necessarily learn anything in a standard curriculum but rather use each others experiences to learn from.  Our mission is to bring veterans together to build a social network that will ultimately help veterans achieve great success.  The forum that we provide will give them them the opportunity to speak to us, their peers, and get the best strategies and tactics to succeed in school.  The college experience is about growing into the person you want to be, not just the person you once were.  Our group provides an outlet for veterans to come together in a familiar environment to share stories and get the most out of the Northeastern experience and achieve their dreams.




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