This is me at 25 in the Portuguese countryside—okay that bottle of wine was like .79 cents, no really, .79 cents, and yes it was horrible, BUT it was .79 cents. I used the handy bottle because this was by the side of the road and I did not want to get any cups dirty. Also note the original swatch watch, greek bracelet from Mykonos, the M&M watch (free with mail in coupons) and believe it or not those rubber gaskets were REALLY TRENDY, sigh I used to be fashionable.


Polperro in Cornwall. A tiny fishing village that was just way too cute. This was during my second year in law school, so I am about 29. Rented a car and drove around southeast England. All these little villages, car ferries that would only take 2-4 cars at a time, rambling roads, and the ever elusive by-ways. Am guessing the name has something to do with the state fisherman would find themselves in in days of old and need to be warmed up with a drink, or two, or three, or possibly more.