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Only two of the kids are mine, Eli (center) and Aaron (right)

I was born in Brunswick, Maine in a Seventh Day Adventist Hospital. I have no idea why that is relevant, I am not a Seventh Day Adventist, but have found when students write me an introductory paper, they often include the hospital they were born in.  My dad was in the US Navy so we moved around a lot.  Early childhood years were spent in Ledyard, CT (pre casinos), then we moved to St Croix, US Virgin Islands, so I got spend a few years in paradise.  Really…Paradise.  My school was right on the beach…Right…On…The…Beach, like if I leaned out a window and fell, I would land in the water, I think, I did not actually try.  We then moved to Damariscotta, Maine.  It was very different than St Croix.  Friends would refer to me as Opie from The Andy Griffin Show, ask your parents… on second thought, ask your grandparents.

College was spent at Brandeis University where I majored in History.  My focus was on Early Modern Europe 1500-1700, if you want to read my thesis “State and Economy in the United Provinces 1600-1672” just let me know, it is in my office or at home somewhere.  I left college with no idea what I would do with my life.  I ended up at the Bank of New England, long defunct through no fault of my own I might add.  Then it was off to Washington, DC for a year.  I very much recommend DC, it is simply a great place to live and work.  I decided while there to return both to Boston and college.  I got a job as a paralegal, went to graduate school at night (Northeastern University MA in Political Science), and prepared for law school.  I then spent 3 years at Boston University School of Law (again I like the way law school teaches you to think, I don’t like the debt law school saddles you with).  I left law school with no idea what I would do with my life.  I had a series of jobs: banquet waiter, legal indexer, tour guide on a cruise ship, etc…then moved back to DC and a career in….drum roll…..RETAIL.  That mercifully ended after two years.  I think everyone should work in retail, you get to see humanity at its best and its very VERY worst.

I moved back to Boston, and got a job with Northeastern University’s Urban Law and Public Policy Institute, it was attached to the Law School’s clinics.  I oversaw both law students and undergraduates in research projects, 5 years later there was an opening in the Criminal Justice Coop program.  I have been a coordinator ever since, ten years with CJ, and since 2000, then as coordinator for History and International Affairs, and as of 2014 I am coordinating History and Political Science.  I like working with students and I think bring a unique perspective, okay many unique perspectives, to this job.

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