Research in the Psychology Department covers a wide spectrum of contemporary behavioral science within a close-knit community of faculty and students. There are four major areas of emphasis within the department: behavioral neuroscience, cognition, perception, and social/personality. There are also faculty members who pursue research in animal behavior and in ethics/learning/motivation.

Behavioral Neuroscience

Heather Brenhouse
Craig Ferris
Denise Jackson
Richard Melloni Jr.
Frank Naarendorp
Rebecca Shansky


Iris Berent
John Coley
Nancy Kim
Joanne Miller
Neal Pearlmutter


Peter Bex
Rhea Eskew Jr.
Adam Reeves
Ennio Mingolla (Affiliated Faculty)

Personality and Social

Lisa Feldman Barrett
C. Randall Colvin
David DeSteno
Judith Hall
Stephen Harkins
Derek M. Isaacowitz

And also

Animal Behavior

Martin Block

Ethics, Learning and Motivation

Perrin Cohen

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