Spring Semester 2011

Demography is Destiny

How Aging, Gender Relations, Racial and Ethnic Diversity,
and Immigration are Changing Everything

Wednesday Evenings, 6:00pm to 8:00pm
January 12 – April 13
West Village F, Room 20


Suggested Readings:

  • Kotkin, Joel. The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050.Penguin Press, 2010.
  • Howe, Neil and William Strauss. The Fourth Turning. Broadway Books, 1997.
  • Howe, Neil and William Strauss. Generations:The History of America’s Future 1584-2069. William Morrow and Company, 1991.
  • Howe, Neil and William Strauss. Millennials Rising. Vintage Books, 2000.
  • Hoover, Eric (2009-10-11) “The Millennial Muddle: How stereotyping students became a thriving industry and a bundle of contradictions”. The Chronicle of Higher Education (The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inc.) http://chronicle.com/article/The-Millennial-Muddle-How/48772/.
  • Texeira, Ruy (editor). Red, Blue, & Purple America: The Future of Election Demographics. Brookings Institution Press, 2008.
DateTopicFeatured Lecturers
12Demographic Change: From the Family to the World
Barry Bluestone powerpoint 1
Barry Bluestone powerpoint 2
Barry Bluestone powerpoint 3
Barry Bluestone powerpoint 4
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Barry Bluestone
19What’s Happening to the American Family?

Kathryn Edin powerpoint

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Kathryn Edin (Harvard)
Kenneth Johnson (U. of New Hampshire)
26Prismatic Communities/Diverse Neighborhoods

Richard Chacon (Mass Office of Refugees and Immigrants)
Mary Waters (Harvard)
2The Changing American Workplace: Part I

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Barry Bluestone (Northeastern)
Robert Triest (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
9The Changing American Workplace: Part II

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Joseph Quinn (Boston College)
Phyllis Segal (Civic Ventures)

16Demographic Change and our Public Schools

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John Logan (Brown)
US2010, a project analyzing the first decade of the 21st Century, directed by John Logan.
23Visualizing the Evolving American City
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Johanna Londono (Northeastern)
Peter Vandewarker (architectural photographer)
2Spring Break
9Is there a Future for Older Industrial Cities?
Assignment Detroit, Time magazine
Detroit: rethinking the post-industrial city, World Architecture NewsRuins of Detroit, photographs by Marchand Meffre
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Dan Okrent
Teresa Lynch (Initiative for a Competitive Inner City)
16Will Demographics Bankrupt Massachusetts?
- Alicia Sasser Modestino powerpoint
Clayton Matthews powerpoint
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Alan Clayton-Matthews (Northeastern)
Alicia Sasser (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
23Demographic Change and National Politics
Ryan Enos powerpoint
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Ryan Enos (Harvard)
30Can America Afford an Aging Society: Who will work? Who will pay taxes?
- Barry Bluestone powerpoint
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Deborah Banda (AARP Massachsuetts)
Barry Bluestone
6 Demographic Change and the Affluence of Nations
Publications by Martin Whyte“On Multi-Culturalism, Japan Got There First,” by Stephen Harner on Forbes.com.
Martin Whyte presentation
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Martin Whyte (Harvard)
13Population Growth and National Stability

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Larry Lowenthal
Denis Sullivan (Northeastern)

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