Lectures and Seminars

The School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs provides a rich variety of lectures and seminars for students, faculty, alumni and the general public. Through these programs we hope to provide deeper understanding of critical public policy issues.

Open Classroom Series

Our signature program is the Open Classroom Series. Each semester we develop one graduate-level policy seminar and open it up to the public to participate. While the enrolled students pay tuition, the public can come participate in a non-credit fashion free-of-charge. Within the theme for the semester, each week focuses on a particular topic addressed by one or two guest speakers — experts on the topic. The program goes from 6:00 to 8:00pm with the first hour devoted to the lectures and the second hour for questions and discussion.

For the current Fall Semester 2013, the Open Classroom focuses on “Policy for a Healthy America.” The host faculty members are Professors Timothy Hoff, John Auerbach, and Wendy Parmet.

Go to the Open Classroom section of this website to see the specific schedule and to RSVP.

Government and the Marketplace Seminar Series

When and how should government play a role in the marketplace? From the very start of the Republic government has intervened in the marketplace to accomplish a variety of public purposes: to create economic opportunity, provide access to services, manage risks, and ensure the ongoing legitimacy of democratic institutions.

The Policy School, with support from the Provost, launched this seminar series in the 2010-11 academic year. Offered once a month over lunch, these seminars focused on different aspects of the role of government and the marketplace.

Each month we explore the role of government in achieving a particular policy objective. To delve more deeply, each seminar focuses on a specific case of government action in Massachusetts. Guest speakers include leaders from government and business with a variety of viewpoints in addition to Northeastern faculty who work in that area. Our goal is to foster a broad-ranging discussion, rooted in practicality, about the conditions under which government might play an active role in a marketplace, to what extent, and with what tools.

Go to the Government and Marketplace section of this website to see the specific schedule and to RSVP.

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