Undergraduate Minors

Currently three undergraduate minors are offered through the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs: Human Services, Law & Public Policy, and Urban Studies.

Human Services

The Human Services minor provides students the opportunity to acquire fundamental attitudes, knowledge, and skills preparing them to practice in arenas such as political advocacy, community development and direct service.

Students take two core Human Services courses and then select three related electives from an approved course list.

To declare the Human Services minor, please log in and complete the form on this page through www.neu.edu/cssh/addaminor.

Law and Public Policy

The Law and Public Policy undergraduate minor gives students a thorough understanding of the US legal system, and how the law interacts with policy, politics and society. In the LPP minor core courses, students will have the opportunity to watch a criminal and/or civil trial, participate in a moot court before a panel of “judges,” and listen to speakers from both the public and private sector (for example, a superior court judge and assistant attorney general).

While the minor is well-suited for students interested in pursuing a career in law and/or policy, it is invaluable for students in any field of practice, as law affects all professions and facets of everyday life.
Students take two core LPP courses and then select three law related electives from an approved course list. For more information and a list of approved electives download the  LPP Minor One-pager.

To declare the LPP minor, please log in and complete the form on this page through www.neu.edu/cssh/addaminor.

Learn more about the LPP Minor.

Urban Studies

The Urban Studies minor provides students interested in cities the opportunity to take advantage of the resources of an urban university situated in a major metropolitan area. The minor equips students to understand the dynamics of urban growth and development and includes the study of urban social and political institutions. It also enables students to understand urban processes and develop policies to keep cities vibrant.

An urban studies minor complements many social science majors as well as architecture, business, and engineering. The minor also provides a solid background for graduate study and professional careers in urban planning and policy, social work, and related fields.

Students take two core urban studies courses and then select two related electives. To declare the Urban Studies minor, please log in and complete the form on this page through www.neu.edu/cssh/addaminor.

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