Student Profiles

Emily Batt

Emily’s initial interest in Physics was a bit serendipitous. She enrolled at Northeastern without declaring a major, and first became acquainted with the Physics Department at an academic fair. Hesitant to declare a major during freshman year because her interests were varied, Emily sought to pursue a broad and diverse curriculum. However, since selecting Physics at the start of sophomore year, she found the versatility in the discipline allowed her to explore a number of unexpected avenues.

Brendon Kellner

Brendon KellnerFor as long as Brendon can remember, he has been fascinated by “how things work,” and has striven to decipher the technical fabric of our modern world. For example, as a young child at a carnival, Brendon was more curious about the mechanics of the rides than the mere thrill of riding them. Whether building trains and remote control sailboats or taking apart his home bedroom in order to rewire and insulate it, Brendon enthusiastically transformed materials to suit his needs.

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