Northeastern University Symphony Orchestra

MUSC 1906 01 CRN (Course Reference Number) 10576 Fall 2013

Department of Music / 351 Ryder Hall

T 6:00-8:30pm, Fenway Center

Evan Bennett, Music Director

Welcome to the Northeastern University Symphony Orchestra! Each semester the orchestra

performs a concert of major orchestral repertoire that challenges, engages, and expands your

musicianship and technical capabilities while also being a fun, enjoyable experience. This

semester’s concert is Saturday, November 23rd at 8pm in the Fenway Center.

The group is volunteer, open by audition, and has its own Executive Board of orchestra members

who compose the main administrative staff and who are responsible for the day-to-day running

of the group.

Membership and Course Credit

Membership is open to all NU students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, and alumni by

audition. Non-NEU affiliates may audition at the discretion of the Director. All undergraduates

who are currently enrolled at Northeastern must take this course for credit unless approved by

the conductor.


Auditions this fall are for everyone, regardless of whether you are a new or returning orchestra

member. The auditions serve several purposes. They help determine what constitutes

appropriate repertoire, seating within sections, how many students the can be accepted (this is

particularly important for sections that can have too many players for the available parts, e.g.,

flutes), and potential seating rotations. Where possible, seating will rotate within all sections of

the orchestra. Audition times for those who need them will be announced at the first rehearsal.

Please prepare parts of one or two pieces that you feel comfortable with.

Absence Policy

Because this class of volunteers rehearses once a week music that is very specific in its demands,

attendance is particularly important. Your presence at rehearsals directly affects other players

in the group whether it is a stand partner or someone on the other side of the orchestra, so an

absence affects the whole group, not just you.

Unexcused absences

To be eligible to perform in the concert, players cannot have more than one

unexcused absence unless excused by the music director.

No excused absences will be permitted for any of the rehearsals or events listed in

bold in the schedule. Attendance at dress rehearsal (the full rehearsal just before

the concert) is required. Rehearsals with guest soloists are also required unless

indicated by the director.

To inform the orchestra of an anticipated absence, send an email to the Orchestra Secretary, at, and please cc it to

Excused absences

Ensemble members may miss up to two rehearsals without penalty because of

illness, or family/personal emergency. Please note that you must notify the

conductor and manager in advance. Study groups, studying for exams, and

writing papers are not accepted reasons for missing rehearsals. If you miss for

those reasons, your absence will be unexcused.


Grades are based upon attendance and quality of participation. Two or fewer excused absences

will not affect your grade. Each unexcused absence will lower the final grade one grade level

(for example, from A to A-). Non-participation in the concert will result in a failing grade unless

excused by the music director.

Extra Help

Please make an appointment for extra help and or ask for help if needed, whether on basic

playing or specific parts. Also, I strongly encourage you to take private lessons in addition to

being in the orchestra. Lessons are incredibly helpful to your general educational experience

and also to your enjoyment of the group. The Music Department offers private lessons on

specific instruments with instrumental instructors on the faculty. There is a very large network

of teachers offering many levels of private instruction in the immediate area. Please contact me

if you are looking for a teacher either at Northeastern or elsewhere.

Contact Information

Professor Evan Bennett


Phone: 508-650-5024

You may also leave messages for me in my faculty mailbox in the Music Dept. general office in

Ryder, though you are likely to get a more timely response if you contact me by email or phone.

Practicing and Signing Out Music

Please sign out your folder. You are responsible for the music in the folder, including any

replacement costs.

Music must be at every rehearsal, even if you are absent so that others can practice their part.

Concert Dress

Women: Long black dress or pants, black shoes.

Men: Black suit or tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie, black socks, black shoes.


All students are expected to participate in TRACE at the end of the term.