Tuesday, 1/21 Rehearsal

Schedule: Dvorak New World Symphony

6-7:15 Cello sectional

7:15-8:30 Violins I & II sectional
**If you are not in these sections, you have the week off! :)
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Rehearsal reminders will be posted a couple hours beforehand, so it’ll serve as a handy notification. 
Dues are $25 for the spring semester and must be paid by 1/28. They can be paid in cash or check. Please make checks out to Northeastern University Symphony Orchestra.”  Dues must be paid directly to the treasurer, Jasmine. Do NOT try to give your dues to the other officers!
If you have any questions, please email Jasmine at fu.ja@husky.neu.edu.

Rehearsal 1/14


6-8:30 PM, Full Rehearsal

We hope you enjoyed your first full week back! Don’t forget to sign up for orchestra as a class- it’s a free one credit class, accessible through myNEU (MUSC 1906)

Auditions for new members (anyone that did not play last semester) will be after this rehearsal. Please have a short excerpt to play for Evan- it will be pretty informal, so don’t worry :)

We will also be having a social with free nutella tomorrow. You read that right- FREE NUTELLA!!  Munch on some pretzels and enjoy the nutella during break and after rehearsal.

LAST WEEK! Updates

Rehearsal Schedule:

11/19: 6-8:30, Full Ensemble

11/22: 6-9, mandatory Full Ensemble

11/23: Call time TBD

RSVP to our Friday all-you-can-eat party. It’s DELICIOUS food, such as deep-dish pizza, oreo brownies…yum! 


We have a fundraiser going on this week at UNO’s all day from Wednesday to Friday. 15-20% of every bill is coming back to us if you use the attached flyer, so please spread this around! They will be handed out after rehearsal, and are also below if you want to print them out yourselves.

NUSO copy

TICKETS and dress rehearsals

TICKETS ARE UP! They are available through the ticket center on MyNEU, and as always they are FREE.  There is a limit of 4 per person- if you need more, just ask a friend/roommate to order them for you.  Have your friends and family come! :)

Also a REMINDER that dress rehearsals will be on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 19, FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22, and SATURDAY NOVEMBER 23.  If any of these are missed, you may not be able to play in the concert.  Don’t let your hard work go to waste and leave these nights free please!!

Rehearsal on Tuesday, November 12


Full Ensemble
6:00 Franck
7:30 Copland
The drawstring bags will be at rehearsal today for anyone that paid dues! They look AWESOME so don’t forget to grab yours :)
A reminder that there are practice rooms available in RYDER HALL.  Get there early! The code is 2-5-1

Rehearsal on Tuesday, November 5

6:00 Strings and Harp Only
7:30 Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, and Harp Only
The concert is THREE weeks away!
A reminder that dress rehearsals will be Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday of that week.  These are MANDATORY.  Those that do not attend will be unable to play in the concert, so please make sure you are free those days!
See you all tonight!

Rehearsal Tuesday, October 8


6:00 Franck I: Strings only

7:30 Copland: Woodwinds, brass, percussion, and piano only
Don’t forget your dues! They are now $25 for 1 semester and $40 for 2. Please make checks out to NUSO and pay to Jasmine.
Keep sending in your drawstring bag designs!

Orchestra Merch Design Contest

Here are rules to design a drawstring bag! :)
DEADLINE: October 15th
(Group Vote: October 22nd)
Guidelines to Follow For Designing a Drawstring Bag:
  1. MUST mention NUSO and/or Northeastern University Symphony Orchestra in the design
  2. The design must only use TWO Colors (1 color for the bag, 1 color for the font)
  3. Optional: the design can include other music related phrases/texts/images
  4. Designs MUST be made on Custom Ink:  http://www.customink.com/styles/cinchpack/173200
  5. Please SAVE your design!! (customink will give you a save/share option).
If there are any questions email Sunny (he.qia@husky.neu.edu) or Suzy (wu.shuw@husky.neu.edu).
When you are finished, send/forward your designs to BOTH Sunny and Suzy.

Rehearsal Tuesday, Oct 1


6-7:45 Franck: Full Ensemble

7:45-8:30 Copland: Strings Only
Don’t forget to BRING DUES! 1 semester is $20, 2 semesters is $35. Tomorrow is the last day to get the $5 discount! Dues must be paid directly to Jasmine, our lovely Treasurer. If you choose to pay by check, please make it out to NUSO.
Also, if you play the flute or violin and want to participate in this year’s NU’s Got Talent Show on Friday, October 18 at 8:00PM during the University’s Parent Weekend, email Jerry at nuorchestra@gmail.com