The E-board


William Meehan, PresidentWilliamMeehan

Directs the e-board and runs the orchestra.
Communicates with our director, Evan Bennett




David Lassila, Vice President

Manages the website and Facebook page
Handles ticketing and promotion of concerts

Contact:, or just message me on Facebook


150484_4031751032861_541793144_nJerry Kim, Treasurer

Collects dues and other payments
Distributes funds for events and merchandise



Sofia Horyn, Secretary

Sends weekly announcement emails
Updates roster and attendance


Leina Xu,   Events Coordinator

Plans and prepares orchestra events such as socials (i.e. food)


Amika Singh, Fundraising Coordinator

Coordinates fundraising events such as those with ChaTime or Chicken and Rice guys



Rachel Lesser, Manager

Makes copies of and organizes our music library

Connie Dayina, At-Large

Our representative in student government
Also helps with other e-board member’s responsibilities as needed