Credit Hours

Participation in the Northeastern University Symphony
Orchestra encourages enrollment in the course Orchestra.
A course description can be found on the Northeastern
Registrar’s Office website.

The course offered amounts to one credit and cannot be
taken pass/fail. However, as long as a member attends
practices and concerts, and makes an effort to learn the
repertoire, points will not be deducted. This course
is free of charge. Members with 19 credits or above
are still allowed to take Orchestra as a one credit
class without being charged the additional fee.

Registration for the class can be completed during the
open registration period of each semester. Once this
period is over, late registration can be completed via
the Office of the Registrar. In such a case, please contact
the E-board.

Students are not eligible for enrollment in Orchestra
during their co-op periods. In addition, alumni, graduates,
and faculty may not receive voting benefits.