Web Publishing Agreement

All publishing to the NUweb server is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All publishers must read and comply with the following policies and regulations:
  2. Publishers are solely responsible for the content, accuracy, maintenance and consequences of information they publish. Individually-identifiable and/or sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, financial information, student records, or any other privileged information may not be published. Publishers are required to establish appropriate access controls for all content published. See Security for access control information.
  3. ALL accounts must be renewed every September. If a request for account renewal is not received by the end of the month of September, all site content and the account will be deleted.
  4. Copyrighted material may be published only with written permission of the copyright owner, and must bear appropriate attribution and markings.
  5. Publishers will be allocated a reasonable amount of disk space to publish materials. Since disk space is a shared resource, publishers are requested to use disk space wisely and delete unnecessary files. Allocation of additional space may be subject to special request and/or auxiliary funding.
  6. At the time of writing, content is not inspected or reviewed prior to publishing. Content already published may be inspected by automated means. The University reserves the right to remove any content at any time, at its discretion. Removed content is recoverable for 30 days.
  7. The NUweb server may be used only for publishing files. Development and/or posting of software applications are not permitted. IS reserves the right to remove without notice, all software applications and any content shown to disrupt availability of service.
  8. IS reserves the right to remove content that has not been updated for six (6) months.
  9. Commercial use, transactions, or solicitations of any description are prohibited.
  10. Student groups wishing to publish must have their faculty advisor apply for, and be the administrative contact of, their group account.
  11. Publishers may publish only those materials pertaining to the course(s) they teach at NU.
  12. IS is not responsible for loss or damage to files copied to the NUweb server.
  13. Content published to the NUweb server may link directly or indirectly to content held on the world wide web (www). Individuals accessing the world wide web do so voluntarily, and with the understanding they may encounter offensive, undesirable, or malicious content. The University assumes no responsibility for consequences arising from access to the world wide web.