Blackboard How-To Guides

This page houses the entire library of How-To’s for Blackboard.
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 Please note, these guides are all available on the BB Support Portal page.  Note: Did you know that you can get one on one support from a dedicated Blackboard expert? Lucian, our “Blackboard expert” is available at our support portal.  Faculty can schedule an appointment for time with him by clicking on the “Book an Appointment” button in the support portal and email him directly with questions.  Also, Lucien is happy to do one-on-one training for some of the more complex areas like the Grade Center.


      • Accessibility Improvements (doc | video)
      • Accessibility Features (doc)
      • Getting Started with Creating Accessible Content (doc)
      • Add Descriptive Text for Hyperlinks (doc)
      • Creating a PDF from a Microsoft Word Document (doc)
      • Creating a PDF with Notes from a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (doc)
      • Create Test Availability Exceptions (doc)
      • Quick Links (doc  | video)

Announcements and Calendar

Assignments and Assessments

      • Create an Electronic Assignment (doc)
      • Edit and Manage Assignments (doc)
      • Assignment Grade Settings (doc)
      • Allowing Multiple Assignment Attempts (doc)
      • Self and Peer Assessments (doc)
      • Grade Assignments – Comprehensive  (doc | video)
      • Inline Grading Overview (doc | video)
      • Create an Electronic Assessment (Test or Survey) (doc | video)
      • Using the Pool Canvas to Create a Test Question Pool (doc and video)
      • Export/Import a Test, Survey, Pool to Another Course (doc | video)
      • Create a Test with a Random Block of Questions (doc | video
      • Edit a Random Block of Questions (doc
      • Recalculate an Assessment Grade (See ‘Grade Center’ section for tutorials)
      • Reset a Student Test Attempt (doc | video)
      • Reuse Test Questions (doc)
      • Set Adaptive Release for a Test or a Folder (doc)
      • Test Access log (doc)
      • Use Images in Assessment Questions (doc| video )
      • View Test Statistics (doc)
      • Create Test Availability Exceptions (doc)
      • Write Test Questions Offline and Import to Blackboard (doc)



Blackboard Collaborate 

Blogs, Journals, and Wikis

      • How to Use a Blog (doc | video)
      • How to Use a Wiki  ( doc | video)
      • Edit & Manage Blogs (doc)
      • Edit & Manage Journals (doc)
      • Edit & Manage Wikis (doc)

Campus Pack Tools

      • Overview of Campus Pack Collaboration Space (doc | video)
      • Overview of Campus Pack Tools: Blogs, Journals, and Wikis (and Where to Use Each) (doc)
      • Add a Campus Pack Blog (doc | video)
      • Grade a Campus Pack Blog (doc | video )
      • Add a Campus Pack Journal (doc | video)
      • Grade a Campus Pack Journal (doc | video)
      • Add & Record a Campus Pack Podcast (doc)
      • Add a Campus Pack Wiki (doc | video)
      • Grade a Campus Pack Wiki (doc | video)
      • Manage Campus Pack Permissions and Settings (doc | video)

Blackboard Tools 

      • Add a Blackboard Blog (doc | video)
      • Grade a Blackboard Blog (doc | video)
      • Add a Blackboard Journal (doc)
      • Grade a Blackboard Journal (doc)
      • Add a Blackboard Wiki (doc | video)
      • Grade a Blackboard Wiki (doc )


      • Get Started with Blackboard IM (doc)
      • Send Blackboard Messages (doc | video)
      • Send Email (doc | video )
      • Forward Faculty/Staff NEU Email to Other Email Address (doc)

Content Collection

      • Course Collection vs. Course Files (doc)

Content Editor

      • Using Content Editor in Blackboard (doc | video)
      • Using Spell Checker (doc)
      • Content Editor Math Formulas (doc)


      • Clean Up a Course After Copy or Import (doc | video)
      • Copy a Course (doc)
      • Copy Individual Course Materials to Another Course (doc | video)
      • Manage Course Files (doc)
      • Move Individual Course Materials (doc)
      • Reduce Course File Size (doc | video)

Course Menu

Course Roster

      • Access the Course Roster (doc | video)
      • Export Course Roster (doc)

Customize Your Online Course Environment

      • Change your myNEU Password (doc)
      • Clean Up a Course After Copy or Import (doc | video)
      • Customize the ‘My Courses’ Panel (doc | video)
      • Edit Notifications Preferences (doc)
      • Turn on a Tool in Your Course (doc | video)
      • Edit the Home Page Banner (doc)
      • NU Online Course Availability Policy (doc)

Discussion Board

      • Discussion Board Overview (doc | video)
      • Replying to Discussion Posts (doc)
      • Add a Forum (doc | video )
      • Delete a Forum: (doc)
      • Edit a Forum (doc)
      • Grade the Discussion Forum (doc )
      • Grading Discussions Inline (doc )
      • Add a Thread (doc | video)
      • Attach a File to a Discussion Thread (doc | video)
      • Search for Posts by Student Name (doc | video)
      • Search and Collect Discussions in Continuous List (doc)
      • Get Email Alerts on New Posts (Subscribe to a Forum) (doc)
      • Search and Collect Posts (doc | video)
      • Use the “Post First” Option (doc)
      • Using “Collapse All” Discussion Board Feature to Avoid All Posts Being Marked as Read (doc)


      • Early Warning: Create Rule & Email Students (doc)
      • Performance Dashboard Overview (doc)
      • Achievement (Badges) Overview (doc | video)
      • Create and Manage Achievements (doc)
      • Using the Retention Center (doc)
      • Single Course User Participation Report (doc)
      • View Course Reports (doc) Note: on NU Online, these reports work best:
        • All User Activity inside Content Areas
        • Overall Summary of User Activity
        • User Activity in Forums
        • User Activity in Groups

Faculty Profile

Folders and Items

      • Add an Item in Course Materials (doc)
      • Edit a Content Item (doc)
      • Add a Folder in Course Materials (doc | video)
      • Add A Web Link (URL) in Course Materials (doc | video)
      • Set Adaptive Release for a Test or a Folder (doc)
      • Availability Options: Items & Folders (doc | video)
      • Set Availability Options for Content Items (doc)
      • ‘myFiles’: Upload Files (doc)
      • ‘myFiles’: Permissions and URL for an Item (doc)
      • Move Individual Course Materials (doc)

Grade Center

      • Grade Center Overview (doc | video)
      • About the Grade Center (link)
      • Setting Up the Grade Center (link)

Grade Student Work

      • Grade Assignments (doc | video)
      • Grade Assignments with Inline Grading (doc | video)
      • Entering Grades (doc)
      • Grading Anonymously (video)
      • Download or Upload Grade Center for Work Offline  (doc | video)
      • Override Grade/Clear Override (link)
      • Recalculate an Assessment Grade (doc)

Manage Grade Center Items


      • Group Management (doc)
      • Create a Single Group (doc | video)
      • Create a Set of Groups: Manual Enroll (doc | video)
      • Create a Set of Groups Random Enroll (doc | video)

Global Navigation, MyBlackboard and Home Page

      • Global Navigation and MyBlackboard (doc | video)
      • Course-to-Course Navigation (doc | video)
      • Edit the Home Page Banner (doc | video)
      • Home Page Overview (doc | video)


      • Creating a Mashup (video )
      • Embed Web 2.0 Content (doc | video)
      • Upload a .zip File to Course Files (doc )
      • Upload Files to “myFiles” and Create a Link (doc)
      • Set Permissions and Copy the URL for an Item in “myFiles” (doc )
      • Multimedia Lectures: Reaching a Higher Level (video )



      • Why use Rubrics? How can I create a rubric in Blackboard? (presentation)
      • Create a Rubric (doc | video)
      • Associate Rubric with Gradable Item (doc | video)
      • Grade an Assignment in a Rubric (doc | video)
      • Grade a Discussion Board Forum with a Rubric (doc)
      • Export/Import Blackboard Rubric (doc)

Student Preview


      • Post a PDF Version of Your Syllabus (doc)

Tools Comparison

      • Discussion Board/Blog/Wiki (document)
      • Campus Pack Tools: Blogs, Journals, and Wikis (and Where to Use Each) (document)


      • Create an Turnitin Assignment (doc)
      • How Students Submit an Assignment (doc)
      • View & Grade an Assignment (doc)
      • Submit a Turnitin Assignment on Behalf of a Student (doc)
      • About Originality Reports (video)
      • View an Originality Report (video)
      • Grademark Overview (video)
      • Use Grademark to Add Grades and Comments to Papers (video)
      • Create Rubrics and Attach to Assignments in in Grademark (document)
      • Add QuickMark Drag-and-drop Comments in Grademark (video)
      • Sync Grades Feature in Turnitin (document)

Additional Turnitin Resources