Partnered Programs

Partnered Programs

As a student run organization, helping students with their marketing journey here on campus, we also provide real world marketing assistance to many start-up companies around the Boston area. Listed below are our most recent projects.

Media Pizza Box

Start-up division of an existing company we have assisted with ideas for new marketing and sales techniques. Media Pizza Box (MPB) sells hyper-local advertising on the tops and sides of the boxes for local businesses who are looking to efficiently target their customers at a low cost.

Campus Coolers

Start-up company we have partnered with to provide marketing techniques that will further their business to a successful beginning. Campus Coolers provides on campus water coolers that assures students with a solid supply of instant hot and cold water in their dorm rooms.

Custom Closet Designs

Co-founder, Tom Wuschke of Custom Closet Designs is in need for a new marketing strategy, and he has come to NUMA for advise. The members here have been putting together a new proposal for Tom and the team.