About Us

The Northeastern University African Student Organization (NASO) is primarily a home far away from home for African students. The organization also invites other people interested in African culture, networking, and many more. Through programs such as our annual African Night and our weekly meetings; NASO continues to expose Northeastern University and the rest of Boston to different aspects of the African culture that are often left out of the camera lenses, newspapers and magazines.

NASO started in 1989 by 10 African students who had wanted to create a community that would serve as a surrogate home from Africa. They met and discussed different issues, which continue to challenge our motherland, and worked together to help raise awareness about Africa on the Northeastern campus. Today, the organization has grown to an executive body of ten, as well as, general body members of thirty plus. NASO continues the legacy of the original founders through events and projects in order to help shed light on all five regions of Africa; North, South, East, West and Central.

We hope to see you at our meetings, and definitely look forward to meeting you!