Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated LPS faculty teach courses of interest to LPS students and serve on dissertation committees.


Gia Barbosa
Assistant Professor, African-American Studies
Expertise:Public Health Policy; Health Disparities; Sexual Violence Prevention; Youth Violence, Bullying and Cyber bullying; Health and the Law.
Contact:, 617.373.4374, 212 Lake Hall

Lee P. Breckenridge
Professor of Law
Expertise:Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law, Water Law, Land Use
Contact:, 617.373.3849, 58 Cargill Hall

Carlos Cuevas
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Expertise:Victimization and Trauma, Sexual Violence and Sexual Offending, Family Violence, and Psychological AssessmentCourses Taught: CRIM 7224 – Law and Psychology
Contact:, 617.373.7462, 204 Churchill Hall

Martha F. Davis
Professor of Law
Expertise:Developmental Psychology and Gender Counseling Psychology, Rehabilitation and Special Education
Contact:, 617.373.8921, 35 Cargill Hall

Michael S. Dukakis
Distinguished Professor of Public Policy
J.D., Harvard University
Democratic Party Nominee for President of the United States, 1988
Expertise:Public Policy, Health Policy and Politics, State and Local Government, Public Management, 327 Meserve Hall, (617) 373-4396
(617) 373-5311 (fax)

Peter Enrich
Professor of Law
Expertise:Environmental Sociology, Political Economy, Central America, Social Theory
Contact:, 617.373.5094, 79 Cargill Hall

Daniel Faber
Associate Professor of Sociology and
Director of Graduate Studies

Contact:, 617.373.2878, 509 Holmes Hall

Daniel J. Givelber
Professor of Law
Contact:, 617.373.4298, 22 Cargill Hall

Robert Hall
Associate Professor of Aftrican-American Studies
Expertise:African-American History, Colonial America
Contact:, 617.373.2621, 132 Nightingale Hall

Michael Handel
Associate Professor of Sociology
Expertise:Economic Sociology, Sociology of Work, Organizations, and Labor Markets, Social Stratification
Courses Taught: Strategizing Public Policy, Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning
Contact:, 617.373.3620, 539 Holmes Hall

Patricia Illingworth
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion
PhD – University of California at San Diego
J.D – Boston University
Expertise: Bioethics, Business Ethics, Ethics and Philanthropy, Global Justice
Contact:, 617.373.8341, 345 Holmes Hall

William Kay
Associate Professor of Political Science
Expertise:Public Policy and Administration, Science and Technology Policy
Courses Taught: Strategizing Public Policy, Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning
Contact:, 617.373.4401, 329 Meserve Hall

Shelley McDonough Kimelberg
Ph.D., Harvard University
Assistant Professor of Sociology,
Senior Research Associate, Dukakis Center for Urban & Regional Policy
Expertise: Urban Sociology, Poverty, Economic Development, Social Policy

Jack Levin
Professor of Sociology
Expertise:Sociology of Violence and Conflict, Gerontology
Courses Taught: Strategizing Public Policy, Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning
Contact:, 617.373.4983, 569 Holmes Hall

Alisa Lincoln
Associate Professor Department of Health Sciences
Expertise:Public health, mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, health and social disparities, literacy, community-based participatory action research
Contact:, 617.373.3485, 316 Robinson Hall

Daniel J. McCarthy
Professor of Business Management
Expertise:Management Systems, Business-Governmental relations
Contact:, 617.373.4758, 313 Hayden Hall

Shan Mohammed
Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Health Services Practice
Expertise:Public Health Education, Health and Human Rights, Substance Abuse Prevention, Primary Health Care Delivery
Contact:, 617.373-7729, 316 Robinson Hall

Carl Nelson
Associate Professor and Group Coordinator General Management
Expertise:Health Care Management and Policy
Contact:, 617.373.4751, 319 Hayden Hall

Richard O’Bryant
Director, John D. O’Bryant African American Institute
Expertise:Science and Technology Policy and Politics, Urban and Regional studies and Politics, Urban and Community Technology, and Community-based research
Courses Taught: Strategizing Public Policy, Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning
Contact:, 617.373.4397, 377 Meserve Hall

Kwamina Panford
Associate Professor of African American Studies
Expertise:Comparative Economic Development and Labor Policy
Contact:, 617.373.4333, 347 Meserve Hall

Wendy E. Parmet
Professor of Law
Contact:, 617.373.2019, 77 Cargill Hall

Glenn Pierce
Principal Research Scientist
Contact:, 617.373.3702, 204 Churchill Hall

Gordana Rabrenovic
Associate Professor
Expertise:Organizations, Urban Sociology, the Family
Contact:, 617.373.4998, 571 Holmes Hall

Peter Rosen
Associate Professor Earth & Environmental Sciences
Expertise:Coastal processes, geomorphology and sedimentology, Quaternary History, History of Boston Harbor, Coastal Hazards
Contact:, 617.373.4380, 14 Holmes Hall

Andrew M. Sum
Professor of Economics
Director, Center for Labor Market Studies
Contact:, 617.373.2242, 315 Holmes Hall

Lucy A. Williams
Professor of Law
Contact:, 617.373.4537, 37 Cargill Hall

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