Alumni Dissertation Titles


Do Nascimento Fernandes Carapinha, João Luis, 2012. Gender and Medicines Access and use Among Adults with Chronic Illnesses in South Africa: A Human Rights Perspective.

Leroy Dantzer, Marya, 2012. Place, face, space: how housing assistance and household composition shape low-income mothers’ access to resources

Purdue, Molly, 2012. Exploring the experiences of family caregivers, Cape Cod’s invisible workforce: upholding the promise of OLMSTEAD for people with alzheimer’s and dementia-related diseases

Mathias, Christopher P., 2012. Implementing homeland security policy in the U.S. states: A comparative state study

Letzeiser, Christine, 2012. Legal, policy and contextual issues surrounding parental notification of underage drinking among college students

Shaw, Christine, 2012. The influence and outcomes of high school to college transition policy (tech prep) for career and technical education students in Massachusetts

Abukishek, Imad Fayeq, 2011. Human rights and democracy is palestine: their value for the new generation

Andia, Maria Gracia, 2011. Disadvantaged groups, the use of courts and their impact: A case study of legal mobilization in Argentina

Abbott, Sarah E., 2011. Evaluating the impact of a jail diversion program on police officer’s attitudes toward the mentally ill

Perry, Alice Elizabeth, 2011. The evolution of police organizations and leadership in the United States: Potential political and social implications.

Raqib, Mariam Atifa, 2011. Resistance by others means: the Taliban, foreign occupation, and Afghan national identity

Rich-Shea, Aviva Meena, 2010. Adolescent youth and social control: The changing role of public schools

Maloney, Richard G.. Jr., 2010. Cultural economic development in three Massachusetts municipalities: Policy process and impact

Karki, Tej Kumar, 2010. Smart growth zoning for housing supply in Massachusetts: Community response to chapter 40R and 40S

Frankoff, Denise J., 2010. Exploring legal consciousness: Experiences of families seeking funding for assistive technologies for children with disabilities

Price, John Michael, 2010. Risk assessment in the work environment of adolescents and their attainment of occupational injury or illness as young adult workers

Baldwin, Bridgette, 2010. Wisconsin works’? Race, gender and accountability in the workfare era

Pritchard, Robert D., 2010. Federal motor carrier safety policy: reducing fatalities with increased financial responsibility.

Coyne, Peter, 2009. Domestic Partner Benefit Policy: Implementation Barriers in Maine Small Businesses

Harge, Reginald, 2009. African American Students Perceptions Of High-Stakes Testing In Massachusetts Can The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System Examination Raise Students Above The Separate and Unequal Social Class Status?

McDevitt, John, 2009. Factors Influencing Racial Disparities in Traffic Enforcement in Massachusetts

Mastrorilli, Mary Ellen, 2008. The Women in Transition Program Application of Relational Theory to an Evaluation of a Minimum Security Correctional Center for Female Offender

Langlie, ML, 2008. The Effect of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy on the Mathematics Achievement of Black and Hispanic High School Student

Gildae, Catherine, 2008. Good old-fashioned traditional family values? – The meaning of marriage availability for female same-sex couples and their families

Egbuiwe, Rose, 2008. Where The Dead Are Buried Property Rights And Poverty Alleviation In Africa

Albuja Bayas, Sebastian, 2008. A Case Study on Global Socialization and the Diffusion of Regulatory Frameworks

Leach, Todd, 2008. The Impact of For-Profit Privatization on Higher Education in the State of Massachusetts

Solomon, Samuel, 2008. Social Security – Financial Viability in the 21st Century

Porter, Veronica, 2008. The Bachelor Level College Graduate with a Physical Disability in the American Economy an Analysis of Earnings

Mann, Timothy, 2008. An Exploratory Study on the Feasibility of National Criminal Background Checks in College Admissions

Larrain, Beatriz E, 2008. Judicial Behavior and Judicial Policy-Making A Survey of the Field

Wilson, Charles E, 2007. Identifying Criminal History Antecedents Of Intimate Partner Violence Implications for Development of a Centralized Integrated Response Program for Domestic Violence in the City of Boston

Williams, Francis, 2007. Student Assistance Programs (SAP) An Organizational and Theoretical Perspective on Building Bridges for Healthy Youth

Ouellette, Bert, 2007. The Life Span of Religious Social Movements and Public Policy

Noyes, Lysbeth, 2007. Parent Experiences of Waiting Lists New Hampshire Families and Community Services in Developmental Disabilities

Dutt, Kuheli, 2007. Governance Institutions and the Environment-Income Relationship An International Perspective

Whelpley, David, 2007. The State and Municipal Effect Enforcing the Clean Water Act in Massachusetts/California – Boston/San Diego

Balboni, Jennifer, 2006. It’s not about the money Truth, Consequences and the Real Meaning of Litigation for Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors

Aboo, Talib Khalid Kartini, 2006. Policy Implementation in People Processing Organizations A Case Study in Two Anti Poverty Community Agencies

Ippolito, Rosann Maria, 2006. State-Mandated Private Payer Reimbursement for Physician Assistant Provided Medical Services A Policy Analysis

Becker, Wendy, 2005. If They Would Only Ask Women on Welfare Suggest Policy Reform

Gardinier, Lori, 2005. What Happened to the Paid Family Leave Campaign in Massachusetts Examining Paid Family leave as a Social Movement and Policy Issue

Golub, Dawn, 2005. Factors Contributing to a Successful Work Experience for Employees Who are Blind or Visually Impaired

Griffith, Roberta, 2005. System of Accountability The Legal, Organizational, and Technical Context of Firearms Tracing in the United States and the Potential Implications for Controlling Firearms Trafficking

Hall, Kimberly, 2005. A Study of Adult Women Students in Distance Education at the Post secondary Level Convenience or Quandary?

O’Brien, Carolyn, 2005. Using E-mail To Supplement Communication Between Clinicians and CareGivers of Community Dwelling Elders

Howard , Tim P, 2005. We’ve Been Framed! Progressive Cause Lawyer Leadership in Florida Tobacco Liability Litigation

Vautour, Karen, 2005. Implementation of the Pre-admission and, Annual Resident Review Regulations for the Mentally Ill in MA 1989-2003

Ventura, Susan, 2005. A Middle-Range Theory to Guide the Promotion, Support, or Improvement of Spiritually Sensitive Care in Hospital Settings

Antonio, Michael, 2004. Arbitrariness and the Death Penalty The Impact of Psychological Factors

Boardman, Judith, 2004. Treatment Outcome Measurement in Behavioral Healthcare The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Lamar, Demetrieus, 2004. When Meritocracy Prevails in Higher Education An Empirical Study of American Black Social Mobility

Lester, Toni, 2004. Assessing the Effectiveness of Sexual Orientation Discrimination Law

Martirossian, Hasmik, 2004. Community Associations and Condominiums Community, Governance and Group Dynamics

Tran, Anh Le, 2004. The US Antidumping Law: Its Rhetoric, Administration, and Impact

Weiss, Jillian Todd, 2004. Transgender Human Resources Policy in the US Employers

Cotton, Harvey, 2003. The Evolution of a Regulatory Relationship the Management of the Liquidation of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England

Giglio, Joseph, 2003. An Evaluation of Transportation Financing Tools

Gildea, Timothy, 2003. An Assessment of Small Arms and Light Weapons Control Regimes Policy Implications of the US Experience

Grometstein, Randall, 2003. The Activity and validity of Claims-Making During a Moral Panic The Example of the Day Care Center Cases 1983-1995

Lambert, David, 2003. Organizational Structure and Community Policing Officer Perceptions of Change and Reform in New England Police Departments

Merseburgh-Martin, Sybil Anae, 2003. Judicial Decision-Making Massachusetts Trial Court Judges and the Emergency Judicial Response System

Penninah, Ogada, 2003. Struggle for Survival Among Rural Women in Kenya, Difference to Culture vs Social-Economics Needs

Soule, David, 2003. Managing Sprawl A Boston Area Case Study

Trainor, Maureen, 2003. Transportation Barriers to Employment and Welfare Reform Addressing the Needs of Poor Women in Boston 1997-2000

Walsh, Martin, 2003. Trade Policy and New England Investment in China

Bellavance, Diane, 2002. Worker resources as capital in computer home based work

Haynes, Wendy, 2002. A Case Study of Two Boston Megaprojects The Central Artery/Tunnel Project and the Boston Harbor Cleanup

MacKenzie, Susan, 2002 . The Effect of Prescription Co-Payment on Drug Utilization in a Veterans’ Administration Population

Talty, Francis, 2002. Public support for the courts an examination of the determinants and consequences of public perceptions of courts in Massachusetts

Wortman, Mary Alice, 2002. Workers; compensation a study of the evaluation of a societal good from a social contract to an economic pariah salvaged through radical reform

Block, Heidi, 2001. An exploration of the criminal justice response to acquaintance and date rape

Cleary, Paul, 2001. An analysis of internet use patterns among children in the age of information

Farrell, Amy, 2001. The effect of gender and family status on downward departures in federal criminal sentences

Govern, Frank, 2001. The Impact of Problem Definition on the Formation of National Health Insurance

Krumholz, Susan, 2001. An exploratory study of the purpose of domestic violence units in Massachusetts police departments

Thomas, Dawna, 2001. Understanding disability in the Capeverdean community an analysis of disability and race in Massachusetts

Watt, Hope, 2001. Community case management an examination of the effect of community-based care on cost, self-perceived health status, and well-being of high-risk, non institutionalized elders

West, Doe, 2001. The Standard of the day – the interfacing of science and society in human subject research a gap study in the development of informed consent

Mhlaba, Sondlo, 2000. Structured electronic transborder contact (setc) as a response to cost disincentives in international exchange

Santos, Susan, 2000. Stakeholder involvement and environmental decision-making, substance or symbolism the use of Restoration Advisory Boards

Sullivan, John, 2000. The financial and operational evolution of end stage renal disease service providers as an example of health care cost containment and profitability

Majamba, Hamudi, 1999. Indigenous knowledge systems and wildlife management a framework for legislation and policies for Sub-Saharan Africa

Mbunda, Luitfried, 1999. Freedom of speech and association in Tanzania a study of rights and constitutional development

Rae, Andrea Post, 1999. The Affect of Ageism on HIV/AIDS Education Programming Decisions, 1961-1992

Antonakes, Steven, 1998. Assessing the Community Reinvestment Act Do existing criteria allow banks to underserved communities with low income and high minority populations?

Balboni, Barbara, 1998. Through the lens of organizational culture perspective a descriptive study of American Catholic bishops’ understanding of clergy sexual molestation and abuse of children and adolescents

Cannon, Jananne, 1998. Education for a changing world a study of two current school-to-work programs

Engel, Margorie, 1998. Pockets of poverty the second wives club examining the financial [in]security of women in remarriages

Garcia-Fierro, Luis, 1998. Fear of crime in the city of Boston

Garre, Patricia Pierce, 1998. A survey of Massachusetts physicians and nurses regarding knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and activities concerning the use of advance directives and the implementation of the Patient Self-Determination Act

Gelpke, Richard, 1998. Siting controversial facilities a case of the NIMBYs

Hansen, Norman, 1998. Current attitudes of bankruptcy judges regarding bankruptcy process, law, and proposed changes to the law

Ireland, Roderick, 1998. Throwing the baby out with the bath water an appraisal of the proposal of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Commission on Juvenile Justice to eliminate status offenses from the Jurisdiction of the juvenile court

MacDonald, Diane, 1998. The New Deal model of collective bargaining and the secondary labor market problems

McNabb, Joseph, 1998. Examining decision making in a family court the (re)construction of fatherhood by the legal system

Oppenheim, Dorothy, 1998. An analysis of whether the public interest is served through the regulatory policies of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Otto, Catherine, 1998. More than CLIA 88 certification development of model integrating purchaser perspective criteria to evaluate clinical laboratory testing services

Pattavina, April, 1998. Neighborhood violence and public school children a contextual analysis of academic achievement in Boston

Smirl, Todd, 1998. Brokers, agents and entrepreneurs implementation of the Massachusetts Civil Rights Act

Stoessel, Judith, 1998. Environmental advocacy in Massachusetts 1976-1996 public interest groups

Warden, Francena, 1998. A framework for the development of organizational electronic privacy policy

Carlson, David, 1997. The potential role of firearms tracing in reducing illegal trafficking and violent crime

McAllister, Margaret, 1997. Policy implementation as advocacy nurse administrators’ experiences implementing prescriptive authority for nurse practitioners in Massachusetts

Pisano, Douglas, 1997. A study of regulatory and operational coping behaviors used by Massachusetts community pharmacists

Somers, Gary, 1997. Unfulfilled promise? Federal support and the expansion of cooperative education

Weber, Karen, 1997. A policy analysis of maritime fisheries management in Cote d’Ivoire

Rukuba-Ngaiza, Nightingale, 1996. Community participation in the conservation of forests and wetlands resources in the Lake Victoria region in Uganda legal and institutional aspects

Kapinga, Wilbert, 1995. The role of law and public policy in workers’ participation in Tanzania

Luther, Betty, 1995. The politics of criminal justice a study of the impact of executive influence on parole decisions between 1985 and 1992

Mollo, Arlene, 1995. Arts in education policy and implementation a search for outcomes

Nesbary, Dale, 1995. The transformation of crime statistics by police agencies

Osborne, Richard, 1995. A critical analysis of research on pre-adult sexual socialization

Seeley, Mary Frances, 1995. Hotline organizations as discrete services in the mental health and social services arena

Widianto, Bambang, 1995. Financial liberalization in Indonesia Issues of political economy and banking structure

Zhang, Nong-ji, 1995. Old age insurance and retirement pension policy in China’s market economy a case study on policy making

Cochran, Maureen, 1994. Substitute judgment or justice when judges make medical treatment decisions

Jenkins, Morris, 1994. Fear of the gangsta policy responses to gang activity in the city of Boston

Klein, Andrew, 1994. Re-abuse in a population of court-restrained male batterers after two years development of a predictive model

Mtambo, Michael, 1994. Ground transportation and political economy in Southern Africa the case of Malawi

Sullivan, Anne, 1994. The community correlates of residential toxic contamination a case study

Testa, Martha, 1994. Economic, system, professional, and student characteristics influencing the provision of speech and language services in Massachusetts public schools

Barnet, Judith, 1993. Taking down the wall a cultural approach to the environment and affordable housing

Gilbert, Arthur Lee, 1993. A contingent theory of information technology planning rationality, learning, or negotiation?

Kovacich, Joann, 1993. Can the country take care of its own? Opposing realities of aging in rural context, St John Valley, Maine

McCarthy, Robert, 1993. Public policy and the therapeutic use of heroin

Mello, Jeffrey, 1993. Disorder in the courts workplace discrimination based on HIV status

Chowdhury, Mahfuzul, 1992. Aid in the US policy toward the third world Bangladesh, a case study

Dupont-Morales, Maria Antonia, 1992. The political construction of the Spectacle, the Camp Hill Prison Riots a case study

Ogozalek, Virginia, 1992. The automated pharmacist a comparison of the use of leaflets, text-based computers, and video-based computers to provide medication information to the elderly

Schneider, Paula, 1992. Teamwork in the hierarchy sustained in the thick of the organization’s culture

Staples, Leonard , 1992. Sobriety checkpoints to deter drinking/driving a legal and empirical analysis

Drainoni, Mari-Lynn, 1991. The experience of siblings of the mentally ill implications for policy and program development

Calicchia, John, 1990. Multivariate prediction of dangerousness in juvenile inpatients a heuristic model for psychology, law and policy

Goldstein, Arnold, 1990. Some impacts of professional regulation on the retail drug market

Panford, Kwamina, 1990. The influence of the International Labor Organization (ILO) on African workers’ union and collective bargaining rights a case study of Ghana

Wong, John, 1990. National health insurance a simulation model

Cloutier, Charlotte, 1988. Medical malpractice social problem political crisis

Chukwuezi, Henry, 1986. Nigeria basic problems of development administration and policy priorities for the rural agricultural sector

Gbosi, Augustus, 1985. Functional analysis of wage commissions in Nigeria, 1955-1975

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