Spanish Minor Requirements

Six courses beyond the elementary language level are required for the

Three of the following courses:
SPNS 2102 – Intermediate Spanish II
SPNS 3101 – Advanced Spanish I
CLTR 1504 – Introduction to Spanish Culture or CLTR 1505 Introduction to Latin American Culture

One of the following culture courses:
CLTR 1120 – Introduction to Languages, Literature, and Culture

One of the following Masterpieces Series courses:
LITR 4560- Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature I
LITR 4561- Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature II

One of the following Elective courses:
CLTR 1240 – Latin American Film
CLTR 1265 – Spanish Civil War on Film
LITR 3502 – Cervantes and His Times
SPNS 3102 – Advanced Spanish II
LITR 4561 or LITR 4560
LITR 4565 – Spanish Golden Age
LANG 4800 – Special Topics in Language