MCURC research initiatives

Rooftop Garden project

Case Study on Equator Coffee (Sara Minard)

IFSE (Marissa CPS Italy trip)

Kitchen collaborative with Bouvee

PAST: Waste Messaging, Protein Flip or Blended Burgers project


MCURC SCHOOLS – To date, the network consists of 142 members representing 49 institutions:


  •    Dining services divisions
  •    Athletic departments and performance dining divisions
  •    Business and management schools
  •    Design schools
  •    Schools of agriculture/departments of food science
  •    Schools of engineering
  •    Schools of government and policy
  •    Schools of law
  •    Schools of medicine
  •    Schools of public health/departments of nutrition
  •    Schools of liberal arts—American studies, anthropology, history, psychology, sociology, and others
  •    Schools of journalism
  •    Schools of environment and natural resources
  •    Schools of food systems and food studies
  •    Select interdisciplinary programs such as intra-university food studies centers


The Collaborative Was Founded and Is Jointly Led by:


University Members:

University of New Hampshire


Academic Members (Participating Faculty):

Ex Officio Members:

U.S. Olympic Training Center


Food Allergy Science Initiative –

Farmer’s Markets –

City of Boston –

Healthy Incentive Program

Urban Farming in the City

Project Oscar

Boston CANshare


Advocacy and Research Organizations


NU Ethics Institute (Prof. Ron Sandler)

Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute (Prof. Philip Brown)

Resilient Cities Lab (Prof. Matthias Ruth)

Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative (Prof. Danny Faber)

Helmuth Lab (Prof. Brian Helmuth: marine ecology forecasting)

Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice (Prof. John Auerbach)

Harvard Food Resources

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

Sargent Choice Nutrition Center

Boston College Nutrition Education and Counseling

Friedman School of Nutrition and Health – Tufts University

Center for Health and Wellness – Emerson College

Nutrition Liaison – Simmons College

Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity – Harvard

Greater Boston Food Bank –

Healthy Food Financing Initiative

Boston Food Forest Coalition

Community Servings Food Heals Programs –


    • Alex’s Lemonade Stand Initiative – Foundation for Child Cancer, Foodie Fighter → Northeastern University Dining Services
    • Health Disparities Student Collaborative – Monday 10/20: Tufts School of Nutrition – ASAP/MTAS, 7-8pm 104 WVG (works with Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures) – College of HEalth and Sciences
    • Institute on Urban Health Research – Prior Research “Healthy Visions Project”
    • Menus of Change University Research Initiative – The col­lab­o­ra­tive pro­motes inter­dis­ci­pli­nary research and infor­ma­tion sharing among uni­ver­sity chefs, food ser­vice direc­tors, busi­ness admin­is­tra­tors, and stu­dents with the goal of moving con­sumers toward healthier, more sus­tain­able diets.
    • Obesity and Chronic Disease Prevention – Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures – child obesity prevention – Institute on Urban Health Research and Practice – Bouvee
    • Dining Services Green Plan
    • Dining Services Sustainability
    • Northeastern University Farmers’ Market: Facebook | Twitter
  • 2015 Climate Fellowship Projects – database maintained by the Sustainability Institute at the University of New Hampshire


Youth Leadership Initiative –


Boston Community Impact Grants –

List of Initiatives –|recreationsports&type=cat&lbl=Fitness%20and%20Food|healthcare|medicalresearch|mentalhealthcrisisintervention&type=cat&lbl=Health