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Vt. Legislature gives public access to police investigation records

The press corps and the Vermont chapter of the ACLU scored a major victory in the Vermont Legislature last week. Lawmakers approved a change in the public records law that gives citizens access to records associated with police investigations of criminal activity. Gov. Peter Shumlin supported opening police records to public scrutiny, and he is expected to sign the legislation into law this month.

Vt. court order keeps controversial police actions secret

By Doug Clifton, executive committee member, New England First Amendment Coalition Last May police in Hartford, Vt., got a 911 call reporting suspicious activity in a nearby home. When officers arrived at the home they encountered smoke and a naked black man. According to news accounts, they thought the man was acting aggressively. They pepper […]

All too common: Lawsuit needed to force disclosure of public records

By Allen Gilbert, executive director, ACLU-Vermont The ACLU of Vermont is representing a journalist who is suing the town of Hartford, Vt., for denying an investigative journalist access to public records involving a high-profile arrest of an African-American man in his own residence. Anne Galloway, editor of the Vermont news website, requested Hartford police […]