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Unsealed Spader files provide insight into a troubled mind – and a surprise

When The Telegraph filed a motion with the Hillsborough County Superior Court in Manchester to unseal documents prior to Steven Spader’s second sentencing hearing we expected to learn more about Spader.
We did, but we also learned a lot more about Spader’s life at home before the Oct.9, 2009 murder of Kimberly Cates and even more about his adoptive parents’ herculean efforts to save their boy.

Public has right to a glimpse into N.H. killer’s mind

Steven Spader, though his court appointed attorneys, argues that state’s own sentencing memorandum, which included psychiatrists’ evaluations and findings and depositions of his mother and father, should be secret. The state filed the memorandum under seal at their request.

The Telegraph of Nashua and the New Hampshire Union Leader filed motions to unseal the documents arguing the public’s right to know outweighs Spader’s right to privacy. His lawyers argued in motions that the memorandum is equivalent to a pre-sentencing investigation, which are sealed. Unsealing the documents, they argue, would make it more difficult for investigators to glean honest and open testimony from defendants and others in future pre-sentencing investigations.