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ACLU again checks R.I. school board on failing to open testing talks

For the third time in less than two months, the ACLU of Rhode Island has taken legal action against the state Board of Education for violating open government laws. They all involve the board’s persistent refusal to publicly address a controversial “high stakes testing” requirement that takes effect this school year for high school seniors.

Chafee signs bills shielding R.I. school safety plans from public view

BY STEVEN BROWN, executive director of the ACLU of Rhode Island PROVIDENCE – Last year, after a ten-year struggle by open government groups to get the law updated, the Rhode Island General Assembly enacted some important reforms to the state’s Access to Public Records Act (APRA). Regrettably, this year the legislature appeared to show buyer’s remorse, […]

Keeping R.I. parents in the dark

Under the legislation, and contrary to current law, all school safety plan discussions would take place in closed school committee meetings, and every document produced by school safety teams would be exempt from disclosure under the open records law. Although ways to best protect students from very rare, but terrible, tragedies like Newtown are the subject of lengthy nationwide debate, passage of this legislation would quash much of that debate in Rhode Island.

Analysis: The good and the bad on Rhode Island’s new transparency site

By Tim White, investigative reporter, WPRI-TV; director, New England First Amendment Coalition  There’s a lot to like about Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee’s new transparency website. There’s also room for improvement. Chafee signed an executive order Thursday officially launching the new site. He said it follows through on one of his campaign promises to make […]