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Archive of posts tagged Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Maine Supreme Court makes 911 transcripts public

The court has made it clear that government secrecy cannot win out over the public’s right to know. This ruling will allow the public to better evaluate how well first responders protect and serve their communities.

Federal courts in Vermont eases limits on electronic-device use by journalists

The federal courts in Vermont have taken the first step toward easing restrictions on journalists carrying computers, iPhones and other electronic newsgathering tools past security checkpoints at federal buildings.

NEFAC says Holder should push for shield law, train justice personnel on subpoenas

The New England First Amendment Coalition registered “extreme dismay” at the government seizure of phone records of The Associated Press and urged Attorney General Eric Holder to work for passage of a federal shield law and take other steps to avert a repeat of the intrusion that was part of a probe into a security leak.

NEFAC calls on Justice Department to return seized phone records to the AP

It is deeply troubling to see how history repeats itself with the IRS going after conservative non-profit groups and the Justice Department overreaching with its probe into the cellular, office and home telephone records of individual Associated Press reporters and editors in Washington, New York, and Hartford, Conn., as well as the main number for AP reporters covering Congress.