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The diminishing public view

The new norm has become that we citizens have no reasonable expectation of privacy (witness the NSA’s amassing of warehouses of information about us) but the government that we elect and support with our tax dollars has every expectation of privacy and shutting the public out has become the new norm (see the recent report by the international group, the Committee to Protect Journalists).

NEFAC calls on Justice Department to return seized phone records to the AP

It is deeply troubling to see how history repeats itself with the IRS going after conservative non-profit groups and the Justice Department overreaching with its probe into the cellular, office and home telephone records of individual Associated Press reporters and editors in Washington, New York, and Hartford, Conn., as well as the main number for AP reporters covering Congress.

NEFAC disappointed top military court won’t open Bradley Manning trial to public

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, in a 3-2 decision on a suit filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights, said it may review final decisions in court-martial cases but does not have the authority to rule on public access to the proceedings against Bradley, who is charged with providing classified information to WikiLeaks.