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To watch in 2014: Ag-Gag bills pose problems for the public’s right to know

Last month, NEFAC joined with National Freedom of Information Coalition and 44 other organizations to raise the alarm against certain proposed provisions which would exempt from disclosure basic information about agricultural and livestock operations, including information that individuals living or sharing a waterway with “concentrated animal feeding operations” (or CAFOs) urgently need to protect and advocate for their environment and the health of members of their communities.

Maine Supreme Court makes 911 transcripts public

The court has made it clear that government secrecy cannot win out over the public’s right to know. This ruling will allow the public to better evaluate how well first responders protect and serve their communities.

U.S. Supreme Court will decide if states can close their borders to flow of information

By Steven Brown,  executive director of the ACLU’s Rhode Island affiliate PROVIDENCE, R.I. — By late June, we should know whether, in an age of the World Wide Web, states can constitutionally get away with closing their borders to the release of information. More than a dozen organizations promoting open government filed a brief this month […]

FOI advocate: “We can do much, much more.”

By Laura Crimaldi, director, New England First Amendment Coalition The founder of OMB Watch on Saturday said advocates must step up the political pressure to force the government to increase transparency and improve the quality of the information disseminated to the public. “We need to make the politicians do it,” said Gary D. Bass, who […]