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Sandy Hook massacre the focus of one of two major Conn. FOI cases

Virtually every news organization in Connecticut has joined a friend of the court action to the state Supreme Court asking it to overturn a lower court restriction on how much information police must release in a criminal investigation.

Gov. Malloy’s bad idea for Conn.

By Jim Smith, retired Connecticut journalist and officer of Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information Where has wisdom fled to in American politics? With all the rancor and clamor across the land over how literally broke government is at all levels, are we relying more on expediency at the expense of a deliberative commitment to […]

Videographer takes on Conn. board over taping rules

By Frank Loda, Seymour, Conn. In 2005, the Seymour, Conn., Board of Selectmen began forcing me as a videographer to “move (my) camera to the back of the room” and to “not video tape speakers” who asked to have the camera turned off when they were talking. The First Selectman also called the police to […]

New law blocks Conn. inmates from accessing guard files

By James H. Smith, executive editor, The Bristol Press and New Britain Herald Both houses of the Connecticut General Assembly passed legislation by unanimous acclimation and Gov. M. Jodi Rell signed it into law last week preventing inmates from reading the personnel records of prison guards. It is a wholly unnecessary law. The state Department […]