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Legislative task force in Conn. adopts look, listen but do not copy (without a trip to the commission) rule

As president of the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information, I am not seeking compromise. I hoped to see the restrictions the legislature passed last year repealed, and that the long-standing FOI laws on release of crime scene photos and 911 tapes, reinstated.

These are rough times for government transparency in Connecticut

Not only did Gov. Dannel P. Malloy negotiate in secret with prosecutors and legislative leaders over Newtown massacre legislation, no public hearing was ever held on the bill, which passed and now seals not only Newtown crime scene photos, but photos from all state homicides, as well as audio tapes of 911 calls.

Sandy Hook massacre the focus of one of two major Conn. FOI cases

Virtually every news organization in Connecticut has joined a friend of the court action to the state Supreme Court asking it to overturn a lower court restriction on how much information police must release in a criminal investigation.

New Conn. “accountability” office guts state FOI watchdog

By James H. Smith, former Connecticut newspaper editor and author of “A Passion for Journalism, A Newspaper Editor Writes to His Readers.” Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy, House Speaker Chris Donovan and Senate President Don Williams crow how they have diminished the number of state government agencies by 30 percent. But really what they have done […]