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To watch in 2014: Ag-Gag bills pose problems for the public’s right to know

Last month, NEFAC joined with National Freedom of Information Coalition and 44 other organizations to raise the alarm against certain proposed provisions which would exempt from disclosure basic information about agricultural and livestock operations, including information that individuals living or sharing a waterway with “concentrated animal feeding operations” (or CAFOs) urgently need to protect and advocate for their environment and the health of members of their communities.

Head scratcher: Marshals say photos would invade Vt. killer’s privacy

The U.S. Marshals Service says the privacy rights of a man who pleaded guilty to the 2008 kidnap, rape and murder of his 12-year-old niece far outweigh the rights of taxpayers to see the man they will pay to keep behind bars for the rest of his life.

Federal courts in Vermont eases limits on electronic-device use by journalists

The federal courts in Vermont have taken the first step toward easing restrictions on journalists carrying computers, iPhones and other electronic newsgathering tools past security checkpoints at federal buildings.

Vermont State Trooper’s Downfall Started with a Records Request

The case began to unfold as the Free Press prepared to publish its findings from a two-month investigation into state salaries. James Deeghan was the sixth highest paid state worker, three spots behind the governor and well ahead of the director of the Vermont State Police and his boss, Commissioner of Public Safety Keith Flynn.