Rodell Williamson


Rodell Williamson, 31, was active in the voting rights efforts of the Wilcox County Branch of the NAACP. Williamson’s body was recovered from the Alabama River after it snagged on a fisherman’s line.

Legal Status

Local Sheriff P.C. Jenkins said there was no sign of foul play, but members of Williamson’s family claim the Sheriff never spoke to them about the possible causes of Williamson’s death. The county coroner told reporters at the time that an autopsy would be performed and Williamson’s death certificate states that an autopsy was performed. However, neither the state Department of Forensic Sciences nor the local funeral home that handled the burial has any record of an autopsy. There is no record of any local investigation of the death.

The FBI included Williamson in its 2006 Civil Rights-Era Cold Case Initiative.