Ongoing Projects

With many others, CRRJ contributes to the effort to analyze and rectify the injustices that defined Mississippi in the mid-twentieth century. Drawing on first hand accounts, legal records, and secondary literature, CRRJ’s research seeks to create a reliable database with which to examine the incidence of anti-civil rights violence.

Completed Projects and Reports

Redressing Harms to Civil Rights Activists: 1955-1965

This Report was submitted by the Northeastern University School of Law Legal Skills in Social Context Community Lawyering Program (LSSC) to CRRJ in April 2007. Law Office #8 Members were Law Students Melanie Audy, Nicole Bluefort, Christina Chan, N. Tasmin Din, Adrienne Ellman, John Gianos-Steinberg, James Haynes, Ellee McKim, Dan Perlman, Nathanael Player, Emily Renshaw, Joseph Rodio, and Scott Stillman. Law Office #8 was advised by Professors James Rowan and David Hall, Libarian Sharon Persons, and Lawyering Fellows Reza Breakstone and Carolyn French. The 272 page Report is available from CRRJ.

Securing Pardons for Civil Rights Activists: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi

This Report was submitted by LSSC to CRRJ in May 2008. Law Office #5 Members were Law Students Erin Albright, Adrian Bispham, Jessica Conte, Rebecca Greening, Dominic Hamilton, Nick Matthews, Christine McCleney, Okechi Ogbuokiri, Darcy Robertson, Amy Schneider, Leon Schwartz, and Jeremy Wolff. Law Office #5 was advised by Professors David Hall and Lucy Williams, and Lawyering Fellows Nicole Bluefort and Alison Kinchla. The 106 page Report and supplementary materials are available from CRRJ.