Selected Papers and Articles

Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting, January 2009

Daniel Kryder of Brandeis, a CRRJ collaborating researcher, organized the roundtable, “Facing the Anti-Civil Rights Movement: White Reaction in Mississippi and the South” for SPSA’s Annual Meeting on January 8, 2009, in New Orleans.  Participants presented the following papers, which are available from their respective authors.

  • David Cunningham, Brandeis University, Institutional Vigilantism: The Rise of the Civil Rights-era in “Progressive” North Carolina
  • Daniel Kryder, Brandeis University, Police Chief Ben C. Collins and Law Enforcement in Clarksdale, Mississippi, 1961-1966
  • Margaret Burnham, Northeastern University, Anti-Civil Rights Violence:The Case of Southwest Mississippi
  • Jennifer Irons, Hamilton College, “This of course will be Blamed on White People:” Whiteness and and the Interpretation of Civil Rights Violence in Mississippi
  • Joseph Luders, Yeshiva University, The Economics of White Backlash in the Civil Rights Era South: The Case of Mississippi Freedom Summer

Crimes of the Civil Rights Era Conference, April 2007

Academic Articles

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