Tom Green


Tom Green, a sharecropper, killed his employer, Flanagan, on July 6, 1938. Green and Flanagan argued over the wages Green thought were due him, and he was fired on the spot by Flanagan. Flanagan began sorting through Green’s tools and other belongings, when he came upon a rifle. Flanagan claimed it was his, and Green said he owned it. Each man picked up a gun and fired at the other. Green killed Flanagan with three shots. He then fled to his cabin and barricaded himself inside. A mob of three hundred men surrounded Green’s cabin and he was shot and killed. The mob tied Green’s body to an automobile, dragged him to the spot where Flanagan had been killed, and burned Green. They tied the body to the auto for a second time, dragged him to the county seat, and burned the body again.

Legal Status

No charges were brought against any of the mob members, although it was well known that one L.H. Harris fired the shots that killed Green in his cabin.