Lillie Dell Power


Lillie Dell Power (aka “Lillie Bell Powers”) was killed by a police bullet in Starkville. She died from the wound on November 10, 1965. Lillie was 14 years old when she died.

At the time of Lillie’s death, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party was organizing voter drives in the area. The Starkville Community was very active in the campaign, collecting money for the vote drive at businesses in the black community and holding rallies at three churches in the areas, among other tactics.

According to a December 1965 MFDP Newsletter, Lillie was one of several black youths in a car. The police took after the car, and when they got outside of the city limits, they shot into the car, hitting and killing Lillie.

Legal Status

It does not appear that there was any significant law enforcement investigation of the shooting death of this fourteen year old.