Application for Legal Fellowship with CRRJ

Application: Legal Fellowship with

The Civil Rights & Restorative Justice Project

The Civil Rights & Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ) at Northeastern University School of Law is looking for a legal fellow to work with the project over the next two years

The Project:

CRRJ, an internationally known University-based program, engages lawyers, researchers, journalists and advocates in human rights, civil rights, criminal justice, and restorative justice in projects relating to racial violence in the United States in the mid-twentieth century. Building on the lessons of the civil rights cold case initiative, CRRJ compiles and analyzes information about racial violence, and pursues legal proceedings and law reform to redress these wrongs. CRRJ houses the nation’s most extensive archive on racially-motivated homicides. It works closely with communities to create unique restorative programs to honor the lives of unknown citizens who were killed for choosing to live free of racial oppression. The homicide victims whose cases we take on were killed because they defied racial norms, or claimed the right to vote, to operate a business, or to walk on the sidewalk. Our docket includes cases from 1930 to 1970.

CRRJ is one of the most prominent projects applying the tools of transitional and restorative justice in the United States. CRRJ assists communities seeking truth processes, memorialization, official apologies, and formal legal redress. Graduate students in law and journalism at Northeastern University and Southern University undertake the casework.

The Position:

CRRJ is looking for a fulltime (40 hrs/wk) legal fellow who has graduated from law school to work with the project for a two-year time commitment. (Sept. 15, 2015 – Sept. 15, 2017). Experience working with CRRJ, as well admission to a state bar, is preferred but not required.

In addition to daily administrative tasks, fellow will be responsible for:

  • Investigating and developing racially-motivated cold case murders from the Jim Crow era in order to develop factual legal narratives that have otherwise been unresolved or covered up;
  • Working with families, community members, local government officials and other various stakeholders to assist in the implementation of creative restorative justice remedies;
  • Leading a sixteen-week social justice high school seminar that engages students with the investigatory and legal skills necessary to develop cold cases and restorative justice remedies for these cases;
  • Researching and locating cold case murders from the Jim Crow era to use on our case docket for law school clinic students;
  • Managing and supporting law school students in their investigation and development of cold cases from CRRJ’s docket;
  • Developing a project or writing assignment of the fellow’s choosing;
  • And other tasks/projects as they surface




TBD, commiserate with experience.

To Apply:


To be considered for this fellowship, please send an application, including your resume, three references, a writing sample and a letter of interest to and

All applications must be submitted by August 24, 2015. Please use “Application for 2-year Legal Fellowship” as the email title.


For more information on the project, visit The Civil Rights & Restorative Justice Project’s website: