Legacy of Booker Wright, waiter murdered after speaking out on ‘whites only’ restaurant in Mississippi

In 1965 Booker Wright featured in an NBC News documentary about the tensions of life in the Mississippi Delta. Unprompted by the filmmaker, Wright, who worked at a “whites only” restaurant in Greenwood, launched into a heartfelt monologue recounting his daily struggle to remain dignified and provide for his family against repeated racial abuse and discrimination. Shortly after the documentary aired Wright was severely beaten and fired from his job.

Wright’s story has been recently picked up by his granddaughter Yvette Johnson who believes that her grandfather’s murder, 7 years after the film was made, was linked to his brave stand.
Yvette Johnson has returned to Greenwood with director Raymond De Felitta, the son of the original filmmaker to continue Booker Wright’s story in a follow up documentary

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