Johnny Robinson


Johnny Robinson, sixteen-years-old, was shot and killed by a Birmingham policeman on September, 15, 1963, in the aftermath of the 16th Street Church Bombing. Robinson was one of a number of boys throwing rocks at white men’s cars in the post-bombing riot. The cars had written on them messages such as “Negro, go back to Africa.” According to police, he fled down an alley when he was caught stoning cars and was shot when he refused to stop running.

At his funeral, it was said, “Not only are we here for the funeral of Johnny Robinson, I think we can say we are here for the funeral of Birmingham.”

Legal Status

The grand jury that tried the police officer, Jack Parker, refused to indict him.

This case is now being pursued under The Civil Rights Era Cold Case Initiative, created in 2007 by the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.