Arthur C. Williams (A.C. Williams)


While being held on suspicion of breaking and entering, rumors began to circulate that Williams attempted to rape a twelve year old white girl during the alleged invasion. Within hours of his detainment, A.C. Williams was seized from his cell by four masked men. A.C. Williams was taken to a remote location and shot 10 times, he was left for dead. Williams managed to survive this attack and managed to crawl his way back to safety. After Williams made his way to safety the authorities were notified. The Sheriff called the local doctor to have Williams examined. The doctor determined that Williams’ had a 50/50 chance of survival if he was treated for his injuries. While being “secretly” transported to a Negro hospital approximately twenty-five miles away to be treated for his injuries Williams was abducted for a second time. Williams would not survive this second attack. Williams’ body was found approximately 24 hours after he was taken into custody.

Legal Status:

A state and federal investigation was conducted into Williams’ seizures and subsequent death. While the Sheriff was criticized for acting negligently, no arrests were made.