Application for 2016 Soros Justice Fellowship Sponsorship The Civil Rights & Restorative Justice Project

Deadline: All applications must be submitted to by July 15, 2015

The Civil Rights & Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ) at Northeastern University School of Law is seeking to sponsor an individual dedicated to the advancement of civil rights and racial justice for a 2016 Soros Justice Fellowship.

CRRJ, an internationally known University-based program, engages lawyers, researchers, journalists and advocates in human rights, civil rights, criminal justice, and restorative justice in projects relating to racial violence in the United States in the mid-twentieth century. Building on the lessons of the civil rights cold case initiative, CRRJ compiles and analyzes information about racial violence, and pursues legal proceedings and law reform to redress these wrongs. CRRJ houses the nation’s most extensive archive on racially-motivated homicides. It works closely with communities to create unique restorative programs to honor the lives of unknown citizens who were killed for choosing to live free of racial oppression. The homicide victims whose cases we take on were killed because they defied racial norms, or claimed the right to vote, to operate a business, or to walk on the sidewalk. Our docket includes cases from 1930 to 1970.

CRRJ is one of the most prominent projects applying the tools of transitional and restorative justice in the United States. CRRJ assists communities seeking truth processes, memorialization, official apologies, and formal legal redress. Graduate students in law and journalism at Northeastern University and Southern University undertake the casework.

While CRRJ is interested in a variety of project proposals relating to civil rights and racial justice, we are particularly interested in projects addressing policy and/or legal efforts aimed at redressing historical wrongs. Of particular interest are projects that develop the connection between the historic racial justice issues that are at the heart of our program and today’s criminal justice concerns.

CRRJ welcomes lawyers and law graduates, journalists, experienced criminal justice activists and other individuals with a demonstrated commitment to civil rights, criminal justice reform, racial justice and restorative justice practices.

To Apply: Applications for sponsorship must be received by July 15, 2015. To be considered for sponsorship, please send an application, including your resume, three references, a writing sample, a letter of interest stating your connection to the work and a broad outline of a project proposal, if any, to